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Gag Order

Gag Order
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Gag Order is seventeenth episode of the second season in television drama series Bull which was originally aired on March 13, 2018.


Chunk's daughter Anna arrives in town to visit Chunk, get some answers from him, scout colleges, and visit her potential journalism professor Chloe Talbott. Chloe is unable to make the appointment, having just been arrested for breaking into dating app Spark4U's headquarters. Chloe then seeks TAC's help so she can expose the app for covering up rapes by Spark4U clients using fake profiles. However, she cannot reveal her source as it is anonymous, so the team are forced to use Cable's replacement, Isaiah, to track down the messages exchanged. Unable to figure it out, Isaiah locates Cable and asks for her help. She agrees on the condition that he doesn't tell Bull. Bull deduces that Cable helped, and as gratitude, offers her her job back at TAC, which she accepts.




  • Nikki M. James as Chloe Tomlin
  • Jazzy Williams as Anna Baker


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